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Museum Visits

The treasures of nature and civilisation, gathered together in one place and with their secrets lovingly laid out for you by experts? Yes please! If you usually think museums are boring, you’ve been going to the wrong ones. We don’t think it’s possible to look on the marble form of the Venus de Milo in the Louvre, over 2100 years old and still the most beautiful woman in the world, or the living coral reef in Washington DC’s Sant Ocean Hall, and not be moved. Covet Inupiat kayaks in the British Museum or bejewelled Fabergé eggs in the Diamond Room of St Petersburg’s Hermitage Museum, or giggle over chastity belts in the Amsterdam Sex Museum. Or if your tastes are a little more esoteric, there are some truly niche exhibitions out there too: how about the Osaka Cup Noodle Museum, or the ever-so-slightly-creepy giant rabbits at the Bunny Museum in California?